receiving policies


Please carefully read the following so as to best certify your order arrives and the appropriate party will be responsible for damages or missing items.


  • You are responsible to check and make sure that all items on the order sheet/packing list are delivered by the same company at the time of delivery.
  • Inspect your order to make sure that all items are present and without damage before signing any paperwork for the driver.
  • Any issues with your order must be noted on the Bill of Lading (BOL) to delineate the party responsible for the issue.


  • The bill of lading (driver’s paperwork) indicates the number of cartons, not necessarily the number of items. You must check that all items on the order have been received before you sign the paperwork.
  • All missing items must be clearly marked on the driver’s paperwork. Make sure to get a copy of the Bill of Lading that includes both the driver’s and customer’s signature.
  • After all boxes are received, sign off on the driver’s paperwork. Once you sign off that cabinets are received, EnPointe Cabinetry will not be responsible for missing items.


  • Please inspect all boxes for visible damage in the presence of the carrier representative, they won’t wait for you to open every box.
  • Receiver must put in writing on the carrier’s Bill of Lading prior to carriers departure.
  • Report the issue to EnPointe customer service immediately with clear and visible photos of the damaged products and your copy of the Bill of Lading.
  • EnPointe Cabinetry is not responsible for loss or damage that occurs during shipment after you give the carrier a clean receipt. All damages caused during delivery are not covered under warranty.