EnPointe Cabinetry (“We” or “Us”) warrants to the first Residential Purchaser (“You” or “Your”) a Five-Year Limited Warranty that warrants any product manufactured by Us and sold only in the United States to be free from any unnatural or unavoidable defects, under normal residential usage, which cannot be satisfactorily abated by You. This warranty is effective for cabinetry purchases on or after January 1st 2021.
Who Is a Residential Purchaser? Under this limited warranty, a “Residential Purchaser” means any of the following:
• A person who purchases Product and is installed in a dwelling that is owned and used as a
primary or secondary home.
• A person or business (Builder/Contractor/Developer) that purchases Product and Installs it in a dwelling by that person or business on behalf of the Owner of the dwelling. In such case, this Limited Warranty may be transferred to the Owner of the dwelling if used as a primary or secondary home by Owner.

What the Limited Warranty Covers

The following parts are covered by this warranty: Door Frames, Door and Drawer Fronts, Cabinet Shelves, Rollout Trays, Base End Panels, Cabinet Doors, Drawer Glides, Shelving Clips, Cabinet Accessories (toe kick, molding, etc.), Cabinet Boxes. We may elect to repair, replace and/or modify, at our discretion, any component(s) which has/have been determined to be defective and unable to serve its/their intended purpose (under normal installation, condition and use) by Us.

What the Limited Warranty Does Not Cover

• Deterioration/discoloration due to normal use
• Natural color variations in stained cabinetry
• Replacement of cabinetry or cabinetry parts that have been used for purposes outdoors
• Replacement of cabinetry or cabinetry parts that have been altered or modified from their
original purpose, misused, neglected and/or not well-maintained
• Damage during transit
• Labor costs associated with warranty claim (installation and/or removal)
• Transportation and/or installation of defective, repaired and/or replacement product(s)
• Service calls to retrieve the defective product(s) from You to Us.
• Damage by causes outside of our control (flood, fire, or other acts of God)
• Cabinets installed in areas that are outside the recommended storage temperatures (50–85°F)


Due to its natural characteristics, wood will expand and contract over time. Therefore, a small amount of warping can be expected. It is quite common for wood to return to its original form after acclimating to the environment. Doors warped up to a ¼” are not considered to be defective.
Moldings and panels warped up to 2” are not considered to be defective. Doors must be hung for at least three months in order to acclimate to the environment before a warranty claim may be filed. In many cases, doors that appear to be warped are the result of improper adjustment.

Glazed finishes are applied by hand and are designed to have an uneven finish. It is common for some edges to appear heavier or lighter than others and this may vary door to door, drawer to drawer and item to item. These features are common and are not considered to be a defect.

Before choosing a paint as your finish, it should be noted that hairline cracks are unavoidable on painted wood cabinets and are not a defect or a sign of poor quality. Because wood naturally expands and contracts with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, there is movement at the seams of the cabinet doors and face frames that will look like the paint is “cracking” at the joints. Hairline cracks occur wherever there is a joint between pieces of wood with grain running in different directions—for example, the joints between stiles (vertical pieces) and rails (horizontal pieces) on mortise-and-tenon doors, miter joints, or the face frames that surround the door openings

Center panels may undergo expansion and contraction as they adjust to temperature and
atmospheric humidity. Therefore, defects cannot be determined until three months of settling time have passed. Once settling time has passed, you may file a warranty claim if shrinkage exceeds 1/8”.

Due to natural characteristics found in wood, stained cabinets may vary in color, texture and grain. Varied shading in cabinetry stains is to be expected and is not considered a defect. Replacement parts may vary in their natural color variation from those which were originally supplied to You.

Hardware failure is very uncommon amongst slides and hinges. Failure is very often the result of improper installation or adjustment. Replacement parts may vary from their original look or appearance. Before determining your hardware as defective, please review our installation and adjustment instructions.


To initiate a claim, please contact the EnPointe location that supplied You with Your original order. You may file a claim by emailing our customer service department with photos supporting your claim. Please have the original order number with You at the time You make a claim. Our Customer Service Department may request photographic proof of defects and in some cases request the item be sent back for examination. The method of proof is solely determined by our Customer Service Department. EnPointe reserves the right to send a representative to view damages and determine liability.